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A Kind Reminder:

The world's largest annual human migration is around the corner.

"Well, sounds interesting. Where and when?" you might ask.

Those engaged in constant business activities in China are probably smirking now.

Yes, they know the answer.

It takes place in China and it falls on Lunar Chinese New Year.

Although the festival doesn't officially start until February 5th, the epic homecoming party began 15 days earlier.

The migration lasts for 30 days -- from February 1st to March 2nd this year.

Millions of Chinese workers will be heading to their hometowns for the holidays.

Now those Smart overseas dealers' nerves are on edge:

With major labor forces being away from production site, holding up the public transport netwrok for nearly one month.

One thing is for certain:

Business activities in China will be paralyzed throughout February.

The impact is far-reaching:

Capacity reduced,

Raw materials falling short,

Commodity price soaring,

Lead time postponed,

Shipping space fully booked......

In one word, your supply chain will be disrupted, costing you extra on purchasing with eroded margins, and worse, driving your customers straight to the door of a competitor.

"So there is no wonders we can do?"

"Well, YES and NO."

"NO if you continue with a slow move and operate your purchasing on a very compressed calendar.

And, YES if you start to take action immediately and put forward your sourcing plan on a predictable timeline."

The market will be undertaking a slow recovery after 2nd March but it will not be fully vitalized until 12th March.

Smart dealers have started making a strategic annual order plan upon this reminder so as to avoid an annoying suppl chain disruption.

What about you?

As for those who are always one step behind. 

Well, thank for making My New Year resolution an easy one.

I will just wish to turn myself into Doraemon when you badger me for a green light to hit your compressed lead time and budget in Feb.


Time to move faster.

If you wanna hit me with a short conference call NOW to speak about your plan for knitted sweater.

Just do it.

You know how to find me:

Tel/Whatsapp: +8613914941113



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