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Can The Women Sweater Be Washed With Hot Water?

Women Sweater can not be washed with hot water, but can not use hot water. Because wool fabric in 30 degrees above the aqueous solution will shrink deformation, so cold water should be soaked for a short time. If it is for the purpose of high temperature sterilization, you can use the steam iron ironing, or with white vinegar solution can also be washed with water.

Women Sweater proper washing method:

1, cleaning Women Sweater, the first sweater overturned, the opposite side;

2, washed Women Sweater, sweaters to use detergents, detergent sweater softer, if no special sweater washing liquid, we may be washed with a shampoo, household; pot adding an appropriate amount of water, temperature controlled at about 30 degrees, the water temperature Do not be too hot, too hot water will shrink the sweater. The washing solution dissolved in warm water, then sweater in the water soak for about 30 minutes;

3, gently knead and wash the Women Sweater collar, cuffs, no place to put dirty hands heart knead it, do not force scrub, Women Sweater pilling will deformation;

4, with water cleaning, the Women Sweater rinse clean. You can drop two drops of water in the water, can make the laundry out of the bright and beautiful;

5, after a few wash gently twist, do not wring the excess moisture can be rather long, and then hung on the string bag Women Sweater control dry water, which can prevent deformation of the sweater;

6, after dry moisture control, find a clean towel on a flat place to put the Women Sweater flat on a towel and let dry naturally sweaters, sweaters, etc. so that it dries and fluffy and not distorted.

At present, many Women Sweater on the market are wool-based material, so how do you shrink your sweater? The best way is to master the sweater from the washing to change how to wash. Friends in many ways wash the sweater, the sweater is often mixed with ordinary clothes, wash with detergent poured into the washing machine, this method of cleaning a sweater is wrong, correct washing sweaters are washed by hand, and do not use washing powder, you You can go to the supermarket to buy a special sweater washing liquid cleaning if it is no time, you can use our shampoo cleaning sweater. In addition, the sweater is often too much time to wear, so in the cleaning, gently rub on the sweater on it.

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