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Cardigan Women Sweater Coat How To Match?

Many girls like with a cardigan Women Sweater, the following Xiaobian recommended several sets of cardigan sweater coat clever mix, easy to wear out elegant Han Fan children, you can match with the star it.

Cardigan Women Sweater coat how to match?

Big red cardigan Women Sweater coat + leggings

Large red loose cardigan Women Sweater jacket, lazy with the design style, a simple white long T-shirt, wearing a gray underwear, black boots, build on the loose tight shape.

Women Sweater jacket + harness dress

White cardigan jacket, take a sling dress, very suitable for the arrival of early spring, you can put a little sleeve sleeves up, sweet Oh!

Gray Women Sweater coat + bright color socks

Gray cardigan Women Sweater jacket, mix and match with the scarf style, lazy yet stylish taste. Wearing a dark gray T-shirt wearing a bright color underwear socks, casual in a little elegant atmosphere, simple and elegant, excellent temperament.

Tips4. Plain Women Sweater jacket + dress

Retro no collar style, simply take a white dress, mix snow boots, comfortable and nice.

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