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Get The Correct Drying Method Of The Women Sweater

Winter is the most inseparable from the warm Women Sweater, but the incorrect sweater drying method will let the sweater minutes deformation, in order to wear clothing fashion elegant children, must get the correct drying method of Women Sweaterr, the following hurry to see Sweater how to dry it does not deformation it

Method one: plastic bags drip dry water

(1) clean Women Sweater;

(2) prepare a clean plastic bag;

(3) the Women Sweater into the plastic bag;

(4) in the bottom of the plastic bag a few holes, so that the water out of the sweater;

(5) gently squeeze the plastic bag to speed up the water out;

(6) hanging about an hour or so, almost lost water, Women Sweater out;

(7) tiled dry to eighty-nine dry, and then hang the normal hanging hanger can be.

Note: plastic bags can also be used to replace the net pocket, or with a network of clothes bags, supermarkets for sale. If it is a few Women Sweater together to dry, dark color put the following.

Method two: towel dry water

(1) clean Women Sweater;

(2) with a clean white towel flat wrapped sweater;

(3) gently squeeze, let the towel suck the sweater on the water;

(4) Tilting the dry Women Sweater on the bed sheet or other flat surface (better with some water absorption);

(5) and other Women Sweater dry to eight points, with the hanger to hang the normal hanging.

Method three: washing machine dehydration + tiled to dry

(1) the laundry Women Sweater will be washed with a good bag, or with stockings and other goods tied together, into the washing machine, dehydration for a minute;

(2) took out a sweater, tiled on a large towel, the sweater stretched flat, placed ventilation a day or two;

(3) to be Women Sweater eighty-nine dry, then the normal drying can be.

Method four: use racks to dry

(1) turn the Women Sweater over, with the opposite side of the drying;

(2) prepare a hanger, fold the sweater once;

(3) the hanger hanging hook placed in the creak position, oblique to the sweater above, as shown in Figure:

(4) the lower part of the Women Sweater turned up:

(5) the sleeves are also turned up:

(6) so that the overall force of the sweater is more balanced, will not lead to deformation due to gravity.

Note: in the drying, the first lightly unscrew the excess water, and dry towel to absorb some water, more to prevent the Women Sweater deformation. You can also hang a few hanger at the same time, more decentralized weight, to prevent sweater deformation.

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