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Winter Cute Wind Knitted Cap

Want to add a good mood for life? Cold winter is getting shorter today, so dull days have become romantic, sweet MM can not miss the popular mix, clever ride Knitted Cap so that you keep a good mood every day!

Want to become different, that Knitted Cap can make your dream come true, a small change in the details of the location can make you with a big difference!

White Knitted Cap with: pure white especially temperament, wearing a very romantic feeling Oh!


With the program: dress + winter boots

With the skills: a touch of pink, especially the girl atmosphere, lovely wool hair dress and winter boots are very consistent with the winter mood, white Knitted Cap with a random half hair, full of ladies style with you particularly attractive Oh The

Purple Knitted Cap with: feminine feeling particularly strong, the same popular autumn and winter this year, purple, can not miss Oh!

With the program: printed dress + tight pants

With the skills: romantic feel the dress, so that the boring winter has become romantic, pink and the short-sleeved design of the summer skirt set up the same good-looking, black tights to increase with a sense of layering, accompanied by purple Of the Knitted Cap is better to see, purple and pink put up very feminine!

With the program: dress + boots

With the skills: dress with boots is the standard winter lady dress, little bit of sexy and feminine gradually revealed, people can not ignore the beautiful with! Black × gray dress design simple, wear particularly beautiful mature!

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