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Women Sweater Pitcher Handling Small Coup

We often encounter such a phenomenon in life, such as Women Sweater from the ball. Clothes, the specificity of the material, cleaning or poor care is likely to cause clothes from the ball. How to do after the Women Sweater? The following small series for you to prepare the best way to deal with clothes and to prevent the ball from the small coup, make your clothes perfect as new.

Women Sweater is so pilling?

First to science about

Raising: fabric friction friction friction, fiber end stuck out a small head, resulting in plush.

Pilling: plush after some entanglement, the formation of small ball.

The fiber that connects the ball and the fabric, "snapped".

The reason for the Women Sweater

Pilling is the commonness of the velvet products. In the process of the yarn and the sweater of the wearing process, by the friction, tension and other external forces, wool yarn in the hair easily hook out to form a ring or single-headed detachment, after repeated friction, the wool fiber tangled in Together, forming a spherical shape.

How to do Women Sweater, or start with prevention

First of all, Women Sweater washing prevention tips:

Skill one: turn the Women Sweater over to wash

Washing the inside of the laundry will be able to protect the fibers of the clothes (because the drum washing machine sometimes destroys the clothing fibers, Conditional can also be installed in the laundry bag and then washing machine, will be more secure.

Skill two: set the short and soft cotton washing method

Set a short and gentle washing mode, can actually reduce the washing machine on the sweater damage, and washing, pay attention to the water temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, this will increase the probability of pilling.

Tip 3: Use neutral laundry solution

General alkaline detergents (ordinary washing powder, soap, etc.) will damage the fiber of cotton, so the use of more soft and decontaminating stronger neutral detergent (such as washing liquid), will try to protect the Women Sweater, Pilling the ball.

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